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How StartPack works

Now that you have got your StartPack bundle, get on and let your customers know about your new switch! Use our Media Kit to post on your social media accounts.


So, how exactly do you use it?

  • Pack your products in a StartPack parcel bag.
  • Print out your consignment note. If you are using a thermal printer to print your consignment note, go ahead and stick it on the parcel. If you don't, we have no choice but to tape it with regular cellophane tape. *We are working on to get compostable tapes to replace our regular cellophane tape. Updates will be made soon.
  • Drop off your parcels at your chosen courier network and let your customer know they will be receiving their order through a compostable parcel.
  • Once they have received the parcel, cut along the line at the flap of the parcel bag or simply cut into small piece before putting it into the compost bin. It would take about 120 - 180 days completely breakdown. 


Voila! You will now have a richer nutrient soil in 180 days!


Note, do not put this bag for recycling.