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Affiliate Program Agreement

Affiliate Terms 

(applicable to Malaysian citizens ONLY)





By signing up for the Fullachi Arts affiliate program, you agree to this Agreement and its terms and conditions.

  • Approval and Rejection of the Applications

The Company holds the rights to approve or reject an applicant without any notice.


  • Commission

The Affiliate agrees to the commission rate of 7% from each sales the Affiliate generates through the link provided. Commissions will be paid on the first week of the month.


  • Termination

The Company holds the rights to terminate an Affiliate account without any prior notice if the Affiliate does not generate sales for three (3) months or ninety (90) days straight.


  • Affiliate Link

The Affiliate will be provided with their unique link upon the approval of their account registration. A system notification will be sent to the Affiliate once the account has been successfully registered.


  • Sales per Month

The Company does not imply any minimum number of sales per month on the Affiliate.


  • Promotional Material

The Affiliate is subjected to only use the given materials for promotional and marketing purpose. Materials will be sent to Affiliate’s email upon successful registration within 3 business days. In case, more materials are needed, Affiliate can request to the company. Affiliate are however, not allowed to provide any kind of discounts unless the Company has given the notice.


  • Responsibility of Affiliate

The Affiliate holds the responsibility to uphold the company’s name while being an affiliate during promotion, discussion and marketing. Affiliate should refrain from arguments with customers while promoting or marketing or over the company’s product.


  • The Type of Promotional and Advertising to Utilize

The Affiliate can use social media platforms and blogs to advertise and promote the company’s product with the unique link provided. Always use the link provided to track your sales commission.


  • The Procedure if either Party Ceases Business

The Company will send a one-month prior notice if the Company decides to cease its business. All pending commissions will be paid within seven days from the date the notice issued. The Affiliate required to send a written notice to the company if the Affiliate decides to stop participating in the program.


  • Intellectual Property

The Company holds the rightful intellectual property ownership at all times


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